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Inside MS

Understanding the evolution of Multiple Sclerosis using Augmented reality educational tools designed for healthcare professionals


Following a series of Innovation Labs with the neuroscience team we delivered a 5 year strategy that focussed on Novartis building an innovative value-add partnership with their healthcare professional community.

Outcomes included the development of two education tools Charcot’s Room – a student diagnosis training tool in VR and Inside MS an education tool to build understanding of the disease evolution of Multiple Sclerosis in two patient cases.


A key component of the value-add strategy for doctors and nurses was to create engaging educational tools to support them in their clinical practice and to positively impact their treatment of patients.

Developed in partnership between Novartis Australia and Sydney Neuroimaging Analysis Centre (SNAC), Inside MS is a pilot educational tool that shows the evolution of multiple sclerosis in a patient over a 10 year period.


Developed in partnership between Novartis Australia and Sydney Neuro-imaging Analysis Centre (SNAC), Inside MS is a pilot educational tool that shows the evolution of multiple sclerosis in a patient over a 10 year period


Using a real patient’s MRI scans and medical data, brought together in a 3D model of the patient’s brain within an augmented reality (AR) environment, an interactive interface allows users to easily navigate through the progression of the disease in this anonymous patient.

Trackers provide quantitative data against key medical indicators with further information including MRI scans can be found at up to 12 Access Points along the 10 year time period.


The ability to interact with the 3D model of the brain by zooming in, spinning, and viewing lesions and their position from any perspective, was very impactful.  Neurologists immediately engaged with the future possibilities for student and patient education around multiple sclerosis and offered valuable feedback on how the tool could further enhance both patient doctor communication and the education of future healthcare professionals.

Taking this feed back onboard we developed the experience in WebGL with an updated UX and UI more suited to a web browser user experience.

Inside MS is  available online via Novartis’ MedHub platform to healthcare professionals who have access to the internet, a smartphone or tablet.

​NOVARTIS was awarded 2019 Top 10 Most Innovative Health companies for  Inside MS.

Inside MS was developed in consultation with the Sydney Neuro-imaging Analysis Centre (SNAC).

Pilot tools for Inside MS have been produced for iPad using ARkit and Hololens.


Augmented Reality

Built in Unity

Delivered to Hololens, App store, WebGL

The team at Hatch have the ability to turn our medical data into powerful immersive stories. Inside MS gives you the ability to see how multiple sclerosis exists in the brain through a 3 dimensional AR experience, using colour and interactivity – this is a very powerful communication and training tool with the potential to greatly impact and empower students and patients in the future.

Dr Stephane Verhaeghe, MD MSc, Franchise Medical Manager Neuroscience, Novartis Australia

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