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Westpac Experience Centre

Creating inspiring and immersive spaces where it’s safe to hack ideas


– High-end design and fabrication
– Cutting edge audio and visual technology
– Writeable surfaces and adaptable display solutions
– Data visualization
– Virtual reality experiences
– Interactive content


Create an environment in the heart of Westpac’s new Kogarah technology hub that excites and engages employees to the possibilities of new and emerging technologies. Create an inspiring and immersive space where it’s safe to hack ideas.

The Cave as it has become known, was broken down into 4 key interactive areas that all interlinked


The Product Wall
Here new and emerging technologies are displayed allowing visitors to discover and investigate the possible.  It was built based on the development process for the iPod, where Steve Jobs and Jonny Ives looked at the best features and design elements, to help inspire there creation.

The Yammer Wall
The Yammer Wall is a real-time data visualization of polled conversations happening across the entire Westpac Group Yammer network of 32,000 plus employees.

Controlled by a multi-touch interactive kiosk, visitors can see the trending topics in real time, follow those of interest and dig deeper into conversations.

All items displayed on The Product Wall include hashtags, allowing innovation topic comments to be viewed on the Yammer Wall in real time.

As interest grows, so too does the data set visual on the Yammer Wall.

Showcase Table
In the centre of the room sits the showcase table. It includes projects, completed and in production, that are presented digitally on tablets, whilst in display cases physical products, like the Apple Watch with the Westpac Payment App installed, are displayed.  Westpac are able to make regular updates of their own content using the content management system we created as part of the system.

VR Room
Created as a place for Virtual and Augmented Reality to be experienced.

The first VR experience created for this room, showcased a family of 3 generations in the not too distant future using new and emerging banking technologies to assist their everyday lives.

Creating the future with our clients one project at a time

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