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360 Times better than your average Photo Booth


Amplify your next event experience by 360 DEGREES

Your audiences will love striking their own ‘Matrix’ style poses captured in a 360 degree4-second animated GIF they can instantly share with friends, family and the rest of their tribe.

ME360 amplifies your brand experiences and messages to create social value with bucket-loads of fun, instantly shareable user-generated content.



We love technology and creating experiential brand experiences for our clients and customers.

So we’ve combined our 3 favourite things and created an affordable 360 degree bullet array photo booth to allow everyone to enjoy an experience that up until now was only available on big budget movies, TV ads and photoshoots.

ME360 is a complete social media-ready brand experience allowing customers to capture and share branded 360
degree video of themselves aka ‘The Matrix’.

Ideal for sporting events, brand activations, corporate parties, events, weddings and the red carpet.


Lights! Camera!! Fun!!!


How it works

Customers register their details on a branded touch screen kiosk to participate, we send them a branded email with a unique code so they can collect their photo.

Step inside the ME360 booth.


And receive a branded-animated GIF or web link for use across all your social media.

ME360 loves social so we made sure its as easy to share your images across all your favourite channels. At an event for Robina Town Centre andGold Coast Film Festival over 3 days we had over 80,000 brand impressions and 12,000 views of 1GIFon our client’s FB page Find out more by visiting our Website

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